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A Public Request

I have stumbled across a few novels in recent years that made me think, huh, I wonder if this author got her start in SS/HG fandom... but can only remember one right now.

I have seen people on WIKTT and on various LJs mention that either they or somebody they know and read has written original fiction and published it that 'has a lot in common' with SS/HG, or is openly inspired by SS/HG.

I am finally in a place where I am actually seeking these books out. I'm going to start a list of them here, and am asking you to add to it in comments.

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So, who else can we add to this list?  I will try to keep updating it here by pasting recs from comments into this entry so people can find it easily.

If any information is shared here or in comments that is inappropriate let me know and I'll delete or change it. I'm not trying to out people, just share the love of reading books that we all can love.  And if you don't want to leave a comment but would prefer to email, you can email me at my name on gmail.

Can you spell... submission?

I'm picturing a deluge of submissions not dissimilar to the owl assault on Number 4 Privet Drive
Little Winging, Surrey.

Find out how here.
This takes me back to the very first fan-art I ever had, which I found by googling, and finding out that my story was being discussed on a Russian website. And they were creating fan-art.

Take a

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And my favorite:

The year was 2007 and this was one of the most exciting things ever--I was not only being read in Russia, but they were making fan-art and sharing it!

Many people have contacted me and asked for permission to translate CoMC into different languages and I've given permission. But this is the first time to my knowledge that one has been completed. It's a looooong fic. I always warn people when they ask.

Today I got this email:

Dear Mia,

The Russian translation of the ”The Care of Magical Creatures” was done. I had not been idle, so I managed to finish my work right before the day of my saint. It was not planned, of course, but as a devoted member of the Orthodox Church I consider it as a sign from above.

I am not as good in Arithmancy as miss Granger and can’t evaluate the real success, but the Russian translation of “The Care” has already gathered approximately 65 000 clicks (looks, I am not sure about the right word) and approximately 10 000 reviews (almost one hundred pages of the feedback). And these numbers is growing. Many of your fans were waiting in the wings for the complete translation of the beloved fic (after the years of frustration).

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Faithfully yours,

I  can't begin to tell you how cool this is, how amazing this is, how thrilling this is. And it's not just the numbers. They're talking religion and psychology and stuff!


Just... bliss.

Thank you olala, and all my Russian readers. I'm sending you all my love.

And I don't know how to get rid of the blue background. :/

And there is not a clunker in it.

More importantly, there are some stunners. Some take-your-breath-away stunners.

No, I'm not going to name names. One friend's 'favorites' were not my favorites so it really serves no purpose other than to possibly skew the process of discovery for those who really should be reading, discovering and being shocked/stunned/thrilled for themselves.

But I say this with all seriousness.  Go buy this book and read it and glory in what fanfic can do outside the realm of fanfic. There is no warmed over fanfic in it.

This is all new stuff, and I'm in awe.

Amazon and BN both have it now--worldwide.

Thoroughly Modern Monsters.

http://www.amazon.com/Thoroughly-Modern-Monsters-ebook/dp/B00FJGLPMM/   <---- Kindle

http://www.amazon.com/Thoroughly-Modern-Monsters-J-Aldis/dp/194069910X/   <--- print

I have both.
Yes, I am buying print and digital both of Thoroughly Modern Monsters!


I've already read the first three stories and am finding them totally absorbing in entirely different ways. Did not expect to see a story about a vampire in Forks, WA. Just saying!

Some of my favorite fanfic writers have original short stories in this anthology. I don't know the other writers, but am quickly learning to fangrrl them, too.

Check it out!

[This is the Kindle edition: http://www.amazon.com/Thoroughly-Modern-Monsters-ebook/dp/B00FJGLPMM/. These links are really messing up. It's on Amazon and will be on BN later, I think.]





"A recently-widowed, pregnant Hermione is up against a sea of challenges; aid comes from a very unlikely source."

You are going to love this! Just the right amounts of h/c with humour to soften until you go squish!
Go vote for SS/HG, damn it.

I refuse to allow them to lose to CASTLE.



Calling all fangrrrlzzz!!!

Your vote is needed.  Are we going to allow this travesty to happen?  

Go HERE, scroll down to the right set (there are a LOT of sets) and VOTE SS/HG!  Make the het-reccers' heads spin!

And pass it on!!!

To quote my flist...

Holy shit.

Kaz (Falling Further In) is writing Sherlock fic on AO3.

Haven't read it since I have held back from Sherlock fic, but she's still around.